FediCamp 2023

Would you like to have a little Fediversum party?

Chilling out in camp form, lounging around on a beautiful meadow, celebrating a relaxed and happy Freakholiday?

Learning and gossip, chilling and barbecuing.

The camp is a relaxed affair for all people who feel connected to Fediversum, decentralized networking and life in general. There is no strict schedule, but plenty of options for workshops, fooling around, having fun, diligence and laziness, and of course getting to know each other. The area is very rural, it should be noted that this also applies to the internet connection.

Did you know already? It's also great for chatting analogously.

Interaction and communication are of great importance, technical topics etc. are presented in relaxed lectures and workshops.

Cooking, making music, fooling around, bike tours and sightseeing, everything is possible! If you think of something...go ahead. This is a "Get involved and be creative" event.

The nearby nuclear facilities (keyword: Gorleben) and the sites of resistance against them can be viewed, and of course there will also be information about them.

Gruppenbild am Lagerfeuer. Fedicamp 2022.

(Group picture at the campfire. Fedicamp 2022)

Whenn and Where?

General Information

The FediCamp 2023 takes place from 18. to 23.07.2023.

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The camping takes place on the grounds of Bauer Wiese, there is already a wealth of experience with camps.

Gasthaus Wies Inn

The Gasthaus Wiese is located in the small village of Gedelitz with 70 souls in the Wendland region, near Gorleben, on the edge of the Niedersächsische-Elbtalaue biosphere reserve. 3 km away are the famous nuclear waste interim and planned repository.

The Elbe is 5 km away, there's a lot of forest, fireplaces, goats, enough coffee, people are cooking, sitting around the campfire, play the guitar and stuff like that, oh, it'll just be mega-nice again!

So, come on, register to the event.

Gasthaus Wiese und Camp. Fedicamp 2022.

(Gasthaus Wiese Inn and camp from above. Fedicamp 2022.)


Please register by email so that we have an overview of the number of participants. We will confirm your registration.

Mail to info@fedi.camp


We calculate with a cost of around €100 per person.

This includes a campsite incl. car park, sanitary facilities and electricity. Further details will arise in the planning phase and will then be published here. Please keep checking back!


Reports from 2022

Reports and photos from previous years can be found here. Unfortunately, this will take a moment.

Fotos 2022


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